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Claylick Bowhunters
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About the Claylick Bowhunters
History of the Club
The Claylick Bowhunters was founded in 1977. Six members attended the first meeting held and the plans were to develop the Licking County Sportsmen's Club. At the next meeting the members decided to make the club archery only due to space limitations and decided to change the name of the club to the Claylick Bowhunters. Originally Claylick only accepted traditional archery equipment. As archery equipment changed over the years, Claylick adapted to allow compound bows, then release aids and most recently crossbows. At Claylick there is a place for you no matter what type of archery equipment you chose. Claylick has grown into a non-profit organization committed to the promotion and education of bowhunting and is one of three archery clubs that are 100% affiliated with the Ohio Bowhunters Association.  

Costs of Membership
Membership dues are currently $40.00 which provides members' access to the 3D course, outdoor shooting range, and a membership to the Ohio Bowhunters Association. 

Constitution & Bylaws
Click on this link to view the Constitution and Bylaws of Claylick

Charitable Works
Claylick has a rich history of giving charitably back to the community. Each Christmas Claylick has adobted a family in need and December of 2011 was very successful because we were able to help two families. Recently Claylick gave the Christmas fund to one of our own, Cheryl Leffman to assist her in her fight with breast cancer. Many of the members have amazing stories from years past where they helped flood victims recover from damages to their homes. The history of charitable giving at Claylick is great, and we are proud to give back to our community. Over the last three years Claylick has begun to work with the ODNR thru grant programs to host events such as Youth Days, Veteran Appreciation Days and Hunter Education Courses. These events are free and open to the public. Through these events we at Claylick hope to pass on and share our love of archery and other activities that promote the enjoyment of the great outdoors.

Range Rules
  • The cost to shoot the practice range or 3D target course​ is $3.00 per person for members. This money paid will be used to maintain the targets and buy new targets in the future. 
  • Do not use judo points or broad heads on any targets.
  • Do not take headshots on the 3D targets.
  • Do not shoot if you are under the influence of alcohol or any other ​substance that may impair your abilities to shoot safely.
  • Do not litter. Please keep the property clean.
  • The 3D course is closed during deer archery season and reopens after the spring time change.
  • The practice range is open all year.
  • Crossbows are now allowed as we made a constitutional change in 2013.
  • Please shoot safely!

Officers of Claylick:
  • President: Greg Henry
  • Vice President: Tony Miller
  • Secretary: Cheryl Leffman
  • Treasurer: Glen Henry

Address to Club Grounds​
12680 Lesley Rd. Newark, OH 43056
​Here is a Map Showing the Location
Coordinates: 82.310525 40.053081
What can the Claylick Bowhunters Provide You?
  • First are the most obvious answers: the target practice range and the 3D Course which will help to develop your shot making skills.
  • Claylick provides sportsmen a better opportunity to pass on archery and bowhunting sport to our children or friends. Shooting a 3D target in your backyard is good practice but it is not the same as shooting Claylick's 3D Course. You will improve your skills in ranging targets and picking the shot you can make. More importantly you can help your kids improve their skills in a fun and challenging setting.
  • The OBA (Ohio Bowhunters Association) is committed to Protecting, Promoting and Upgrading the World of Bowhunting. Since Claylick is 100% affiliated with the OBA, when you become a member of Claylick you also become a member of the OBA. There is truth to the saying that "there is strength in numbers" and the OBA is the State wide organization determined to protect rights of bowhunters.
  • Claylick provides its members the opportunity to give back to our community. We collect donations year around for the charity fund to help a family in need when the holiday season arrives. Charity is important and we take pride in giving back to our community.